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Introduction on Isiris 33 Method (in Japanese)

A message from Representative Yuko Kondo

What is your role?What potential do you have?How can you utilize your potential?

How many people have answers to such
questions? I believe we accumulate various experiences since we were born and are constantly searching for them.

Are you someone who is searching for
these? Do you wish there is a method that would allow you to unleash your potential?

If so, I recommend a method that would
unleash your potential to its full limit through various approaches.

代表「近藤 祐子」写真

You will be able to find what you need

Isiris Infinity provides various sessions and through energy lectures, counseling, healing therapy and energy charging goods, you will be able to:
達成すべきこと By converting your subconsciousness, you will be able to get rid of your dislike towards something, lack of confidence or
anxiety. You will be able to reclaim your shining self.
達成すべきこと Through development of the 95% of the brain that you are not using, you will be able to connect to what you intrinsically had and will be able to receive intuition/inspiration.
達成すべきこと By developing the 2 strands of DNA that
are currently functioning into 12 strands,
you will be able to fully unleash your true
In order for you to accomplish these, I will support you in developing your hidden potential.

As you form your bright, true self in the future, I hope you are able to experience true happiness by harmonizing with this world, this nature and all living things.

Let this encounter enable you to grow your potential to its fullest!


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Growing your abilities to their fullest Isiris Infinity K.K.