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Company overview

Name of compan Isiris Infinity K.K.
Name of representative Yuko Kondo
Address 〒221-0045
Lupinas Room 204, 2-17-1 Kanagawa, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama
TEL 045-620-6477
FAX 045-620-6426

Profile of Yuko Kondo, Representative of Isiris Infinity K.K.

After graduating from Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, Yuko joined a research lab at a pharmaceutical company. Afterwards, she travelled around the country teaching as a cosmetics manufacturer lecturer, beauty educator and supplement manufacturer lecturer. In each instance, she constantly searches for what is best for one's beauty, health
and body and teaches this on a daily basis. She has experienced counseling from an expert standpoint as a pharmacist.

Subsequently, through her encounter with rapid reading (currently easy reading or "rakudoku"), she has supported others in elevating their innate potential and living their own lives through their own missions through balancing the brain and heart, both as an instructor and as a lecturer of rapid reading through right brain develpment, self-development and
mnemonics that strengthens the right brain.

She sincerely hopes that each and every one of us can awaken the abilities we have.

代表「近藤 祐子」写真

●Isiris Infinity K.K. - Representative
●Brain Heart Academy - Representative
●Japan Mnemonics Association - Representative Director
●Rakudoku (Rapid reading) Yokohama School - Represntative
●Rapid reading/Mnemonics Lecturer
●Professional psychology counselor
●Developer & Master Teacher of Isiris 33 Method ® (Recovery & Transferring of the
●Counselor of Quality Theory
●Spiritual counselor
●Advisor of the Mayan Calendar
●Aroma Environment Association - Aroma Therapy Instructor
●Supplement consultant

Access Map

Isiris Infinity K.K. is a 5-minute walk away from Higashi-Kanagawa & Nakakido Stations. Since it is conveniently located one stop away from Yokohama Station, a wide variety
of users come to our establishment, ranging from female office workers returning from work to those who want to engage in self-development.



  • ブレインハートアカデミー
  • みんなの天才発掘塾
  • ラーニングスタジオ First
  • 一般社団法人日本記憶術協会
  • 速読(楽読)横浜スクール
  • YUMI∞Healing Office
Growing your abilities to their fullest Isiris Infinity K.K.