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Information Water (Isiris Original Water)

Isiris Original Water

Information Water (Isiris Original Water) is an original water that
provides you with your own information that you need. It helps fix your body's bad condition or sickness and restores your body's original state.


Recommended for the following

・Those who want to improve on their body condition
・Those who want to adjust their body's
internal balance
・Those with bad body condition
・Those who want to maintain their health
This healing water is custom-made, just for you. It contains the "information" that you truly need. Please do consult with us if you are worried about your health.
※Each information water is customized and made by directly reading your information.
 After counseling, we will individually tell you the method of drinking that suits you, so please feel at ease drinking it.

Customer opinions

The following are actual experiences of those who have used the Information Water.
【The Information Water made my cervical cancer disappear?! Ms. M】
I had a cervical cancer checkup on October 5. It was then that dysplasia cells were found and surgery was recommended to me, so I asked Ms. Kondo for some healing.

Afterwards, I drank 4 bottles of Information Water (70cc per drink, 4 times a day). (The cervical cancer and my brain condition were fatigued, so the water was added with information that corresponds with my brain.)

After drinking the water for 3 weeks, I went for some healing again. The next day, I had a checkup at another OBGYN and did not find any abnormalities. The checkup results of the cervical cancer greatly improved from 3-B (50% risk) to (5% risk) at worst. The diagnosis indicated that I did not need surgery.

On November 30, I cancelled my reservation for hospitalization at the hospital where I did my first checkup and only asked them to do a checkup.
There were no abnormalities in the second checkup.

They also did an MRI scan on January 13, but no issues were found.

Both the hospital doctor and I were amazed as to how much I've recovered! Thank you so much.


The above was the experience that was shared with us. Ms. M, thank you for sharing your precious experience that led to both you and your doctor's amazement.

While such results may differ depending on the individual, please do try it if you are worried about your health.



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