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Business introduction

Brain Heart Academy
We are now living in an age where social structures and people's views & consciousness are experiencing great changes.

The world is shifting from an age where emphasis is placed on materials that we can see to an invisible world of heart, harmony and peace, an age in which energy is understood.

Within this gap lies emotional struggle, problems, anxiety and stress on a daily basis. Causes beyond one's consciousness (subconsciousness) are what drive various phenomena.

 Ability development

The key to solving such issues is to tap into your fullest potential, i.e. maximizing the abilities you have.

This will result in confidence and a change towards a stress-free, true self!
Realizing your true self and living based on it. Liberating the self that was trapped until now, regaining your true self and freely expressing this, while unleashing each other's uniqueness. These are the major themes that help us live in the age of harmony that lies in front of us.
Brain Heart Academy uses such themes as its concept in bringing out each person's fullest potential and holds courses with content that fits that person, in order to raise them as people who can contribute to society. Such courses allow you to change your subconsciousness, unleash your hidden potential and gain self-confidence!

Please experience these great changes.

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Ability development

Counseling: YUMI ∞ Healing Office
Daily struggles/issues, anxiety and lack of confidence that is hard to resolve...

There are patterned realities in our daily
lives that are difficult to recover from.

We seek leisurely comfort amidst anxiety in which we do not know the cause of or cannot see the future.

At YUMI Healing Office, we act as an oasis in providing careful, easy-to-understand mental maintenance and counseling by going deep into one's subconsciousness toward such issues.

We have been getting a lot of positive feedback from many clients.


The 21st century is said to be the age of the heart. According to astrology, from 2016 onward we are entering the age of Aquarius. Healing of the heart, harmony and love are themes and emphasis is placed on things that are not visible.

Coupled with this, there are actually a growing number of people who want to better themselves by fundamentally changing themselves, awaken themselves or connect to a higher dimension.

We also conduct healing in order to actualize the above.

【Total Session】
For those who are unsure of who they truly are and therefore want to know more about themselves: this is a total session that using various means such
as counseling, readings (of past lives) and the repairing/transferring of one's
subconsciousness (Isiris 33 Method). You will definitely find clues in solving your problems and feel relieved!

【Personal Healing (Silicon)】
We will create your "light body". We will adjust your body's center and make it easy for it to connect with the cosmos.

In addition to your physical cells, we will also make your ethereal/spectral cells finer and emit a high frequency. This healing will ultimately allow you to connect to a higher dimension more easily. There are 5 sessions (expected to last for 2 months).

We conduct sessions in various ways, based on our clients' requests. For instance, there are "face-to-face sessions" where clients normally come and have a talk directly, as well as "phone counseling" and "e-mail counseling" etc.

This is exactly the timing in which you will have the chance to find your true self!

We look very much forward to meeting and connecting with you.


Mnemonics: Japan Mnemonics Association
The Japan Mnemonics Association's mnemonics can be acquired easily by anyone. The method is called "Brain Heart Academy Method ®」 and a trademark registration application has already been submitted for this method.

Being able to memorize easily could lead to memorizing many things in various scenes such as studying (exams
etc.) and learning new skills. It is not a stretch to say that life is continuous memorization.

Your mind will always be active if you are able to easily memorize and have fun doing so in such scenes. The secret in becoming happy might be in constantly making sure your brain rejuvenates, even as you age and become more forgetful.
With this "mnemonics" as the focus, the Japan Mnemonics Association's goals are to revitalize the brain and nurture an outstanding brain that develops the right brain and balances out both sides of the brain, as well as unleash the subconsciousness/latent potential of the heart, which has a strong relationship with the right brain, in order to nurture a heart filled with humanity.

Please do try this out for yourself.


Rapid reading (Easy reading)
As the name suggests, this allows you to read quickly. Rapid reading at the Yokohama school not only teaches you how to read fast normally, but also teaches the following:
・"Revitalizing the right brain": balancing
the right and left brains
・"Breathing technique": By doing this, your body & soul are adjusted and your mental abilities are enhanced
・"Eye muscle training": Improve eye vision and muscles
・"Improve communication" via coaching

Finally, the curriculum allows attendees to quickly listen to English via "rapid hearing" and as a result, attendees are
able to use their brains fully in developing brain power for rapid reading, as well as revitalizing the brain.

As such, you can expect the following requests:

Rapid reading

☆Acquiring the "rapid reading" skill: for those who wish to improve on their reading speed
☆Those who have given up on "rapid reading" in the past
☆Those who want to improve on their abilities even more 
☆Lessons can be adjusted to each and every attendee, due to their small size
Due to this, you will be satisfied with the lessons and you will acquire skills well.

Due to the various content listed above, we are confident that you will be satisfied with the course. Please experience this for yourself.

Rapid reading


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