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Isiris 33 Method ® Training Course

Immediately heal subconscious wounds A program that will change your life

This course teaches you basic use of energy, as well as how to repair and convert subconscious wounds.

All matter has energy in it. In other words, they have their own unique vibration frequency.

This obviously applies to people as well. The heart is a prime example of what cannot be seen. The reality is that people have difficulty controlling their own heart.

Wouldn't it be great if you can easily improve on your own problems? This course makes it easier to achieve this.

This course includes a curriculum that allows you to implement and master this in as quick as 3 days.


You do not need any special abilities. It does not matter at all if you have psychic abilities or not - anyone can truly acquire this. Those who have completed the course will receive a written certificate, which will allow you to conduct your own courses. Even after completing the course, we will support you with follow-up courses etc., so participants can feel at ease when conducting sessions.

Therefore, even after completion, you can obviously lend a helping hand as well to others with problems.

This method not only allows you to convert human energy, but energy from objects as well.

Everything is made of energy. By mastering this, you will no doubt lead a much easier life.

Try this out for yourself and see how easy it is to acquire this!

Course content

1. What is Isiris 33 Method? ~Raising abilities to their fullest potential~
2. What is energy? ~Changing energy through consciousness~
3. Changing water through consciousness (Practice)
4. What is subconsciousness? ~Change your life by
changing your subconsciousness~
5. The principles of cause & effect of problems (Causality) ~System that causes problems~
6. Method that solves one's own problems ~Self-control~
7. Method that solves interpersonal relationships ~Freeing yourself from human relationships~
8. Method that solves financial problems ~Freeing yourself from money~
9. Method that solves romantic problems ~Freeing yourself from romantic problems~
10. Method that solves health problems ~Maintaining health~
11. Other methods
 @ Power work ~Brain revitalization and powering up cells~
 A Avatar/Angel work ~Gain support~
12. Method that solves problems remotely ~Heal those that
are not in front of you~
13. Towards the future!

Features of Isiris 33 Method ®

Able to solve your own problems
Able to unleash your abilities to their fullest potential
Able to read one's mind
Able to attract attention through unprecedented methods
Able to connect with your own subconsciousness more easily
Increase your power of attraction
Be thanked by others/Be useful to others

and so on.


Isiris 33 Method® course totals 15 hours of content. The shortest course lasts 3 days (5 hours per day), while the longest course is 3 hours × 5 sessions. You may attend sessions during the dates of your choosing.
Period 3 days (Shortest)/3 hours × 5 sessions (Longest)
※The above periods are flexible
Course fee 118,800 yen (Course fee, including tax) (This includes everything such as the association-approved certificate, registry fee and fee for trademark-use permission)
Number of attendees Up to 8 attendees
Location Brain Heart Academy
〒221-0045 Lupinas Room 204, 2-17-1 Kanagawa, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama
Apply Please apply via the application form, e-mail or by phone.


TEL: 045-620-6477


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