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Isiris Energy Cream - Video (In Japanese)

The rashes on your shins quickly disappear!!

The following are actual experiences from those who have used Isiris Energy


Sudden rashes

Around Feb 3, there were suddenly rashes in my right shin. I applied ointment, thinking this was due to dryness.

The itchiness still did not stop and they continued to spread when I lightly tap it or scratch. Pus started to form and it definitely became thicker than my right leg.

By the 6th, the surroundings became bright red and my skin became uneven. The symptoms began to appear on my left leg as well.

The skin touching my pants alone caused painful itchiness. This also happened simply when my skin was touching hot water in the shower, so I wasn't able to take a bath. I was at a loss, so I consulted with Ms. Kondo. I applied the Isiris Energy Cream that was recommended to me first thing in the morning on the 7th.

Applied cream and wrapped gauze on top

I applied lots of it and wrapped gauze on top. I further wrapped a gauze with an energy sheet iron-printed on it on top of this. I applied it twice - once in the morning and once in the evening.

The cream penetrated quickly and because it lacks stickiness, the gauze does not stick, making it easy to remove. The itchiness stopped that very day. When I walk, only the area around my right ankle felt as though it was pulsating up and down. It still swells.

Pictures @ to C are from the morning of the 9th.

Feb 9


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