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What is Isiris?

Our concept is for each and everyone to realize their innate abilities, qualities and their souls, as well as returning these to their normal state.
The "Isi" represents "will", "consciousness", "intent".

"Ri" means "circling energy", "to return", "go back", "transfer" etc.

"S" means "consolidate", "unify", "merge", "gather" etc.


In other words, this means to transfer your own consciousness to its original state and merge it as your true self. The mark that represents this is the Isiris ® mark.

The "Isiris®" lineup
products are products with this mark, charged with cosmic energy.
The products are very easy to use!!
1 Food items quickly become as gentle and safe to your body, simply by placing the product under food items!
2 Mysteriously works toward areas of your body that are painful or swollen, as well as areas of your body in poor condition!
3 Cleanses the energy in your room or office and clears your mind, leading to good results in your work!
4 Placing it in your wallet or bag changes your money's energy, leading to changes in the flow of money surrounding you!
5 Since this is iron-printable as well, you can stick this to cloth in your daily life! You can charge energy just by holding or wearing it!
6 Flowers become lively and healthy just by placing it under the pot or vase of your favorite foliage plants or flowers!

For other various experiene

Our current society is facing hectic changes, resulting in complex human relationships and stress, causing mental suffering...

It is important for us to level up as much as possible from our current state, in order to move closer to our original selves. To do this, we must first change our consciousness. We must throw away our ego as much as possible, think about harmonizing with nature and people that interact with us and make the waves more modest. By doing this, your life with change in an extraordinary way and your latent potential will naturally surface! Isiris will provide you with strong support in achieving this! Let us move forward together in striving for whom you want to be!


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