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Specified Commercial Transactions Law

Please read the following before using this website.
Name of business Isiris Infinity K.K.
Operating Officer Yuko Kondo
Vendor Yuko Kondo, Isiris Infinity K.K.
Date of establishment Jan 4, 2016
Address 〒221-0045
Lupinas Room 204, 2-17-1 Kanagawa, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama
TEL 045-620-6477
FAX 045-620-6426
E-mail info@isiris-infinity.com
Website URL http://www.isiris-infinity.com
Business activities Holding Energy Lecture courses/Selling Energy Charge goods
Products handled Please refer to this website page
Product prices Based on prices (tax included) shown on each product (written on product introduction page of this website)
How to order Special form & direct e-mailing
On returning goods We will accept the exchange/return of goods only when goods are defective due
to the company or when the goods sent differ from what is ordered. In such cases, please notify us via e-mail or by phone within one week of the products' arrival. We will exchange them for non-defective products that were ordered (the company will bear costs related to the return and redelivery of products). We ask customers to bear shipping costs when returning and/or exchanging products if this is based on the customer's own convenience.
Period in which products are delivered Products are shipped within 5 business days, once payment has been confirmed
Payments required, other than product fees Shipping fee, consumption tax, bank transfer fee
Timing of payment Advance payment (products are shipped
after payment has been confirmed)
Payment method Designated bank (bank transfer fee to be paid by the customer)
Payment deadline If we cannot confirm that a payment has bee made within one week after ordering the products, we will cancel the order
Cancelling application Unable to cancel after payment has been made/Able to cancel before payment has
been made
Corresponding bank Mitsui Sumitomo Bank - Higashi-Kanagawa Branch


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