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Isiris Energy Charge Products - Experiences

Lots of satisfied voices!!

★★★Many people had happy experiences with the products★★★
Here are some of them.
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My tired eyes…!?

Perhaps it's because I use my PC and smartphone for long hours every day, but my eyes become very tired and even painful at times. This was so bad that I decided to put iron-printed gauze underneath my eye mask when sleeping. My eyes became pleasantly comfortable while sleeping and my eyes no longer became tired the following morning!! I recommend the eye mask & iron print as a means to combat tired eyes!!

【Purchase goods】Iron print


Writing becomes smooth…!?

Up until now, I had trouble writing. It took me forever to write up work e-mails and I was at a loss. I tried sticking a sticker on my PC and when I had trouble writing, I looked at the sticker.
Mysteriously, words came to mind more
easily and I was able to write up e-mails
smoothly within a short period of time♪ This really saved me.

【Purchase goods】Sticker (Mid-size)


A relaxable room...?!

My life has been busy going back and forth between work and home, so I placed a frontal mark on my room. Mysteriously, I feel as though I am able to relax more! I'm very grateful for this (*^^*)

【Purchase goods】Frame size (A4)


Good information…?!

I've placed a sticker on my cellphone as
a means to combat electromagnetic waves. It was right around the time when I placed it that there were more opportunities where my friends gave me good information! I'm really glad that it not only prevents electromagnetic waves but also gathers information ♪

【Purchase goods】2cm Square sticker (6-sticker set)


Skin rashes have become…!

My skin was itchy and was about to for
m rashes. It became so itchy that I decided to apply cream before sleeping.
The next day, there were no rashed on
my skin and became less itchy, which made me feel glad!

【Purchase goods】Cream N


Also good for naps?!

I decided to place an iron print on my pillow (cushion) I use for naps during break time. Thanks to this, even a 10-minute nap makes me feel refreshed and revitalized!!

【Purchase goods】Iron print


Also for aromatic scents…!!

I placed a coaster under my aromatic fragrance. The scent made me feel more relaxed♪ I am able to relieve my day's worth of fatigue more easily^^

【Purchase goods】All-purpose use Coaster (Mid-size)


For hay fever too…?!

My hay fever is bad and my runny nose and sneezing did not stop. This settled down when I applied cream on my nose and throat. Amazing!!

【Purchase goods】Cream N


For menstrual pains too…?!

Up until now, my menstrual pains were
painful, so much so that sometimes I would take medicine. When I placed the
all-purpose coaster on my stomach, however, the pain goes away and I feel
better! This is really helpful for me.

【Purchase goods】All-purpose coaster (Large)


Even when using detergent, my hands…!

When I placed the coaster under my dishwashing detergent, my hands became less rough! Dishwashing became more fun, making me happy.

【Purchase goods】All-purpose use Coaster (Mid-size)


Mellows perfume?!

I was not fond of perfume due to its strong smell, so I decided to place a coaster underneath it. The smell became more mellow and I was able to
use it without any issue! I'm planning on using this in the future as well♪

【Purchase goods】All-purpose use Coaster (Mid-size)


Placing my bracelet!!

I've been using my powerstone bracelet
for many years. Up until now I've been taking care of it by bathing it in moonlight and cleansing it using sage and salt, but after buying the goods, all I had to do was to place them on top of it, which makes things easy.

【Purchase goods】All-purpose use Coaster (Large)


Also for plant conditions?!

I grow foliage plants at my home. When placing coasters under the pots, the plants grew more healthily, which made me very happy. Next time, I want to use it for my family garden!

【Purchase goods】All-purpose use Coaster (Large)


Feel at ease even during busy work days!

When I'm busy with work and I don't have time to make lunch, I buy onigiri from convenience stores. Previously, I was concerned with additives, but I feel safe knowing that the goods would cleanse them.

【Purchase goods】All-purpose Coaster (Large)


The comma-shaped bead protects me?!

I bought a comma-shaped bead energy
charge necklace during 12/18 and wore
it since. It helps me relax mentally and as a result I was chosen to attend a speech contest. But during the beginning of spring on 2/4, the tip suddenly broke. The beginning of spring is a new start. I believe it protected me
from some sort of accident that was to

【Purchase goods】Comma-shaped bead energy charge necklace


For shampoo too?!

My hair was severely damaged, so I decided to place a coaster under the shampoo and conditioner bottles. Upon doing so, my hair became more moist than before! I'm amazed, since all I did was place this without changing what I use or how I use it.

【Purchase goods】All-purpose Coaster (Mid-size)


My hair became silky & fluffy!!

Lately, it's been very windy. Doesn't your
hair get dry and parched?

Every day I face static electricity when I use the hair dryer, even when applying
what is considered to be good for your

When thinking about what I should apply, a great idea came up "why not use energy cream"!!

Normally I apply it on my body, but since I've never applied it directly onto my hair, I tried this immediately.

When rubbing it onto my hair and scalp
after they are half-dried using my hair dryer, it felt really comfortable!!

It does not cause static electricity and my hair became silky!! My hair was silky and fluffy the entire day :*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*:

Try it out yourself♪

【Purchase goods】Cream N


Makes bitter coffee mellow!!

I'm not fond of bitter coffee, so I always
rely on sugar and milk when drinking it.
But since placing a coaster on top of it,
my coffee became less bitter and I was
able to drink it as is! The change in taste is extraordinary.

【Purchase goods】All-purpose use Coaster(Mid-size)


Able to sleep well!!

When I'm tired, I place a 2cm square sticker between my eyebrows before sleeping♪ I'm able to sleep well and wake up refreshed! It is a slightly lavish
way to use it, but try it out♪

【Purchase goods】2cm Square sticker (6-sticker set)


Cures poor circulation!!

Up until now, I had poor circulation and was not fond of winter. But upon wearing the comma-shaped bead energy charge necklace, my body became warm and it cured my poor circulation! I wear it at all times, except when bathing! It also relieved stiff shoulders, making my daily life comfortable♪

【Purchase goods】Comma-shaped bead energy charge necklace


Became less prone to impulsive buying!!

Up until now, I frequently engaged in impulsive buying when shopping, just because something is "cheap". But when placing the goods in my purse, I was able to stop and think to myself "Am I really going to use this?"! Thanks to this, there are less instances where I engage in needless shopping and I am now able to buy things properly. I'm amazed at the great changes.

【Purchase goods】Sticker (Mid-size)


Printer works well too!!

I placed a sticker on my printer. The ink
lasted long and it seems to work better. This is really helpful.

【Purchase goods】Sticker (Mid-size)


Placed it under my employee badge!

I placed a 2cm square sticker under my employee badge, which acts as a charm
of sorts. I feel like I'm able to work more
cheerfully and positively than usual♪

【Purchase goods】2cm Square sticker (6-sticker set)


Makes fruit tastier and more ripe!

There were some oranges that were not
ripe yet, so I placed them on top of a coaster for 2-3 days. They became ripe
in a nice way and were tasty and juicy!
All I did was placed's very mysterious. I'm happy that they are delicious.

【Purchase goods】All-purpose use Coaster(Large)


Changes breeze from air conditioner!!

I placed a sticker on my air conditioner. The breeze that comes out of it feels more comfortable!! My skin also becomes less dry, which makes me happy.

【Purchase goods】Sticker (Mid-size)


I use it when eating outdoors!!

I feel the easiest way to use the all-purpose A4 sheet is when eating outdoors, since the coaster is a bit small and it's a hassle to bring the luncheon mat with me...

The all-purpose A4 sheet fits in my bag and all I have to do is to place it under my eating utensils the whole time, so I cherish using it.

【Purchase goods】All-purpose A4 sheet


Cures skin itchiness!!

The air is dry, causing my skin to become very itchy. This calms down, however, when I apply cream. I cannot live without it during dry periods!

【Purchase goods】Cream N


I come up with good ideas!!

This was when I was making materials for a project and was stumped for ideas. Rather than placing a desk pad under my notebook, I used an all-purpose A4 sheet and wrote down my thoughts. Great ideas started to pop up
left and right!! The effects are amazing.

【Purchase goods】All-purpose A4 sheet


Changes the taste of wine!!

I placed a coaster under my wine just to
see if it would change the taste and it did!! I'm amazed.

【Purchase goods】All-purpose use Coaster(Mid-size)


No longer became sick from drinking!!

I was not really tolerant towards alcohol,
but when placing a coaster under my alcoholic beverage, I no longer became
sick from drinking. It was so mysterious
that it surprised me. Night drinking became much more enjoyable, which was nice.

【Purchase goods】All-purpose use Coaster(Mid-size)


Isiris Sheet is a useful sheet!!

Perhaps it was because of the unstable climate, but my health condition was not
good and so I could not get up. I only had a slight fever, but my headache was

Although I went to the hospital, the fever wasn't severe, so I was not prescribed headache medicine. However, I was miraculously relieved of my headache simply by placing the Isiris Sheet on my forehead!

There are many ways to use the Isiris
Sheet. It's such a useful sheet!

【Purchase goods】All-purpose A4 sheet


My lunch is now powerful!!

I always bring my lunch with me to work. When I placed the iron print onto my lunch cloth, my lunch became delicious and I was very powerful and active after lunch. I'm so glad!!

【Purchase goods】Iron print


I now have a calm personality!!

Up until now, I would be irritated with even the slightest things. But once I applied cream onto the area around my heart, I was not as much concerned with such things. I feel as though I've become more calm as a person. Thanks
to this, I lead an easier daily life.

【Purchase goods】Cream N


No longer tired after moving!!

I moved out the other day. It was a short distance, so I asked a moving company to handle the furniture, while we handled smaller things. I went back to get stuff that was still not moved and since I moved stuff from the 2nd floor of our old home to the 2nd floor of our new home everyday, my legs felt like poles.

But upon applying Isiris cream before sleeping, my legs were no longer fatigued the next day! I'm very grateful for this.

Although my legs felt like poles on a daily basis, they were no longer fatigued the next day by applying cream, which is very comforting♪

【Purchase goods】Cream N


I'm able to sleep better!!

Up until now, I did not sleep well. However, upon placing the all-purpose A4 sheet below my pillow, I was able to sleep well and was less likely to have weird dreams.

I always bring it with me when I sleep during trips.

【Purchase goods】All-purpose A4 sheet


Works toward mouth ulcers!!

A large mouth ulcer formed inside my mouth. It was so painful that I had a hard time eating, so I decided to apply cream. Things calmed down after two days, so I'm really glad!!

【Purchase goods】Cream N


My hands are no longer rough!!

My hands became rough and dry through washing. Cracks started to form on my fingers, which lead to bleeding...! It was so painful that I could
not look at them, but things started to improve when I applied cream. The cream did not cause pain even when applying it, so I can safely use it.

【Purchase goods】Cream N


My atopic itchiness has disappeared!!

My atopic allergy was bad and I suffered from everlasting itchiness. But
once I applied cream, the itchiness went away! There are no additives, so I can use it safely. I'm really grateful for this.

【Purchase goods】Cream N


I have better intuition now!!

When I'm having trouble coming up with ideas, I remind myself that I have a "third eye" in between my eyebrows. I decided to apply cream onto this area and lo and behold! A solution came to me. From now on, I'm going to apply cream in between my eyebrows when I'm at a loss.

【Purchase goods】Cream N


My blotches are less dark!!

When I applied aging-care cream after washing my face, the blotches I was concerned with became less dark and no longer stood out!! My friends compliment how my skin is white and I've rejuvenated. I'm really happy!!

【Purchase goods】Cream AC


My body odor no longer smells!!

When I applied cream under my arms instead of deodorant spray, my body odor disappeared! I feel reassured now, even when I go outside under the blazing sun or when I sweat. It feels refreshing.

【Purchase goods】Cream N


My strong knee pain has unbelievably gone away!

This was an intense experience from yesterday. When I was meeting a friend during the afternoon, my knees felt really cold due to the strong air conditioning. I knew I couldn't stay there for long and next thing I know, I felt great pain. I simply could not speak and couldn't help but cancel meeting my friend and applied cream.

After a while, my friend asked me about my knee pain. I was surprised to find out that the pain I felt just now miraculously disappeared. I was the one in awe, since it was so painful. My friend thought I applied a painkiller! It was painful, but I'm glad now〜(^o^)/

【Purchase goods】Cream N


Lessens air-sickness!!

I'm prone to air-sickness, so when I'm on a plane, I place an all-purpose coaster behind my head as a pillow. As a result,
I was barely air-sick the whole time and my ears did not hurt at all. This is amazing! I've decided to bring my all-purpose coaster with me in the future,
when I'm flying.

【Purchase goods】All-round coaster (Large)


Also good for insect bites!

I was bitten by a mosquito and my skin became very itchy and swollen red, so I
applied cream. The itchiness calmed down and the swelling disappeared within 2-3 days. It did not smell like medicine, so it was comforting.

【Purchase goods】Cream N


My relationship with someone I don't like has changed!

There was someone I didn't like at work, so I wrote that person's name down on my notepad and placed the goods on top of it. Within a week or so, I gradually was no longer concerned about that person and there were naturally less instances where we interacted at work.
I thought to myself "Why did I worry about this all this time?" and I felt relieved. I'm really glad.

【Purchase goods】All-purpose A4 sheet


The skin on my heels is recovered!

My heels were always dry to the bone. This was so bad that cracks started to appear, so I applied cream. Within a week or so, they were recovered! There was no pain at all, which I'm grateful for.

【Purchase goods】Cream N


Looking forward to results after face-washing!

It was always a hassle for me to care of my face after washing it., but since I only had to apply cream, things became really easy, which I'm grateful for. I can
continue this, even as someone who is lazy like me.

【Purchase goods】Cream N


I've grown hair!

A friend recommended that I apply Cream N onto areas where I have thin hair, so I applied it every night before sleeping. Within 2 weeks or so, baby hairs started to grow. The effects may differ depending on the person, but I thought this was amazing.

【Purchase goods】Cream N


No longer need foundation!

I started using aging-care cream. My skin became white and bright. Recently, I've stopped using foundation, which is
very helpful for me financially.

【Purchase goods】Cream AC


Under the cutting board too!

I've also placed goods underneath the cutting board! I'm able to charge energy before cooking, which is reassuring.

【Purchase goods】Luncheon mat / All-purpose A4 sheet


For home safety too!!

Upon placing the luncheon mat under the entrance carpet, there were more favorable guests and less nuisances! At
first I was reluctant towards the idea of stepping on the carpet, but I'm glad that I went ahead with this decision.

【Purchase goods】Luncheon mat


Flowers last longer too!!

Upon placing the all-purpose use coaster underneath the vase, the flowers lasted longer! I no longer had to rely on nutritional supplements, so this is also very helpful during hot periods.

【Purchase goods】All-purpose use Coaster (Mid-size) / All-purpose use Coaster (Large)


Healing just by sleeping!!

Upon placing the A4 iron print on my sheets, my entire body felt very warm just by sleeping! I heard that the iron print channels energy all around and now I'm convinced. I'm happy that the pain in my shoulders and waist has been alleviated. I love my sheets so much now that I want to bring them with me during travel!

【Purchase goods】Iron print


My digestion is better now!!

I've had issues with digestion for many years, but my stomach improved when I applied cream during mornings and nights!! I'm really happy that this improved without having to rely on medicine.

【Purchase goods】Cream N


Good for tired eyes too!!

When my eyes are tired while using my PC or cell phone, I apply cream on my eyelids or around my eyes. I feel refreshed!

I'm not good at applying eye drops and
I feel like they taste funny, so I'm not fond of them, whereas cream only needs to be applied, so I cherish this instead.

【Purchase goods】Cream N


Use it instead of face packs!

I use cream in the red box (AC/Aging care type) instead of face packs.

All I need to do is apply it, which is very easy. This is helpful for a lazy person like me!

【Purchase goods】Cream AC


Able to create a barrier!

Up until now, I was prone to receiving weird energy. But when I applied cream on the back of my neck, I was able to create a barrier! This is amazing. From now on, I will apply it when I go outside.

【Purchase goods】Cream N


For shoe sores too!

One day, when I was on a trip, I wanted to be a bit fashionable, so I decided to wear new shoes. My feet were in pain a few hours later and I had shoe sores. After bathing at the hotel, I applied a bit more than usual on the areas that were red and painful. By next morning, most
of the redness and pain had gone away, which amazed me.

【Purchase goods】Cream N


Putting it in my pouch!

I put an all-purpose use coaster inside my cosmetics or medicinal pouch. I'm the type of person who is concerned about ingredients, but using the goods
makes me feel relieved.

【Purchase goods】All-purpose use Coaster (Mid-size)


Also use it during baths!

Up until now, I was not able to bathe in freshly drawn baths as they are, since the water felt hard. But when I mixed the water with the coaster, the water in the bathtub became soft. Since then, I am able to enter freshly drawn baths with ease. I also place coasters underneath the shampoo and rinse bottles. I recommend this.

【Purchase goods】All-purpose use Coaster (Large) / (Mid-size)


Hair color that is one-rank above the rest!!

When mixing hair dye with cream, it became smooth and made it easier to color my hair! I also feel like it does less damage to my hair. I'm glad I tried this!

【Purchase goods】Cream


Relieves stiff shoulders!!

My shoulders were really stiff for many years, so much so that when it's really bad, they cause headaches. When I applied cream before sleeping, though,
I felt as though things improved. Thank
you so much!

【Purchase goods】Cream


Great for yoga, meditation & sessions!!

When doing yoga or meditating, I place a luncheon mat beneath me. When I'm doing sessions, I do them on top of the all-purpose A4 sheet. Mysteriously, I feel
like I'm able to enter in a deep state. This makes things easy for me and I'm
able to concentrate, which is relaxing.

【Purchase goods】Luncheon mat / All-purpose A4 sheet


Happy that the cream is all-in-one!!

The cream was nice and moist. Since regular cosmetics are expensive, the fact that this all-in-one cream is all I need makes me happy. Perhaps the container is a bit too cute for men? But it is scent-free, so men also appreciated this.

【Purchase goods】Cream


Fewer telemarketing calls!!

I place stickers on my home phone and cell phone. I've received fewer telemarketing and prank calls than before I placed the stickers, which was a relief. I'm glad I placed them!

【Purchase goods】2cm square stickers (6-sticker set)


Cream is not just for beauty!!

I've had lower back pains for decades and I've always placed compresses, but when I applied cream before going to bed, my lower back pains became less bad, which was amazing.

Try it on areas of the body that hurt, such as lower back pains and stiff shoulders!

【Purchase goods】Cream


Also place it on my PC!!

I place a sticker (small) on my work PC. I
feel like my eyes are less tired now, even when I use it for many hours. I also place a 2cm square sticker on my cell phone and my head hurts less now when talking on the phone. I'm going to
continue using these in the future.

【Purchase goods】Sticker (Small size) / 2cm Square sticker (6-sticker set)


Also works toward glaucoma!!

6 months ago, I was diagnosed with glaucoma. Since then, I've been sleeping every day using an eye mask with an Isiris sticker. My glaucoma has cured within 6 months just by doing this! I did not need surgery, which was amazing. Try it out yourself!!

【Purchase goods】Sticker (Small size) / Mid-size


Able to use cosmetics happily till the very end!!

I placed them on the lid of my skin lotion and cream. Normally, while using my cosmetics, the fragrance would seem weak or they don't spread well, so I rarely use them till the very end (I might be just fickle…^^;), but now I'm able to use them up until the very last drop - their fragrance and use are just
as good as when I first use them. Try it
out yourself♪

【Purchase goods】2cm Square sticker (6-sticker set)


Drinks taste different too!!

Just by placing the drink on top of the coaster, the energy changes within one second. It becomes beneficial to me!! Coffee, beer, wine, they all become delicious. Wow!! I bring this with me, whether at home or when eating outdoors.

【Purchase goods】All-purpose use coaster(Large) / Mid-size


I waste less and save money!!

I put the sticker inside my wallet and carry it around with me. I place my wallet on top of the all-purpose A4 sheet when I come back home. Perhaps it's because of the sticker, but I no longer engage in impulse shopping and I waste less money. Also, I miraculously receive special income from time to time. I'm really grateful that it also grants financial luck.

【Purchase goods】Sticker (Small-size) / All-purpose A4 sheet



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