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No more colds with iron print!?

I imprinted the Large Iron Print around the center of the gauze and wrapped it around my belly. It feels warm! I probably won't catch a cold, when my belly's warm (^^). The gauze is not thick, so it doesn't resonate outward (^^).

Also, when my nose is runny and I constantly sneeze, I imprint a small sticker on the gauze and fold it into a small size. I place it on the back side of the mask. What happens, you say? It stops my sneezing and runny nose.

Likewise, I use it as an eye mask underneath my eye bandage. This is also good too (^^). This might make those with eye goop or those who feel a rolling sensation in their eyelids feel happy!

By the way, I had a cataract operation done to me a year ago and now I wear artificial lenses. I recommend this for after-surgery care as well. There are many ways to use this! (^^)

Finally, when my throat feels strange, I use a muffler with a gauze printed on it! It feels nice and warm! (^^)

yPurchase goodszIron Print


Energy charge stickers are a must at our home.

I forcefully bumped the area between my pinky and 4th finger on my left foot onto the edge of a pillar.

I had a similar bump on my right foot 5 years ago and remembered that this led to a fracture and a plaster cast for a month and a half. I did it again! I didn't know what to do and soon enough, I felt a throbbing pain.

The pain was not limited to my foot's pinky - it spread all the way up to my knee. Next thing I know, my finger on my foot became swollen and black. That was when the Energy Charge sticker caught my eye.

I wasn't sure if this worked towards bone fractures, but I placed it anyway. My knee, shin, ankle and instep became really painful, so I wrapped a luncheon mat around my knee.

About 10 minutes later, the pain started to go away. About 30 minutes later, I was able to walk. And the area between
the pinky and 4th finger of my foot was no longer blue and swollen - it returned to normal.

Both my family and I were very surprised about this. The Energy Charge stickers are a must-item for our household.


yPurchase goodszSticker (Small) / (Mid-size) / (Large) / Sheet set / Luncheon mat

The quality of cosmetics become one rank higher!!

When I placed this sticker on the bottles
of cosmetics I normally use, such as cosmetic water and milky lotion, I felt as though my skin was smoother and more penetrable than usual. Placing it on my foam soap made it lather better.

yPurchase goodsz2cm Square Sticker (6-sticker set)


Meals become tasty and safe!

Meals became tastier when the luncheon mat is placed underneath! I bring around the all-purpose coaster with me. When outside, meals with taste that is too strong become milder and suited my preference. I can actually feel that my body is eating healthily. Even at home, I use it as a hot pot mat, which is useful for managing my family's health.

yPurchase goodszLuncheon mat / All-purpose A4 sheet / All-purpose use coaster(Large) / (Mid-size)


Excellent during poor body condition too!!

When I place an all-purpose coaster on my head when it aches, the pain slowly goes away. While outdoors, I suddenly suffered from a stomachache and felt ill. I placed it my stomach for a while and I was no longer concerned with this. When placing it on my waist, it became warm and I was no longer concerned about lower back pains.

yPurchase goodszSticker (Small) / (Mid-size) / (Large) / Sheet set / All-purpose use coaster (Large) / Mid-size

My room quickly becomes a power spot!!

When I placed a frame-size mark on my
room, I felt that the atmosphere has changed! When standing in front of it, I feel powerful, as if I was able to charge up my energy in a mysterious way.

yPurchase goodszFrame size (A4)


Useful for the fridge and pickled vegetables!!

When placing a luncheon mat underneath the vegetable box in the refrigerator, I felt that the vegetables remained fresh and long-lasting. Pickled vegetables also taste good when they are placed on top of the all-purpose A4

yPurchase goodszLuncheon mat / All-purpose A4 sheet



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