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Isiris Energy Charge Products - Experiences

Effective towards electromagnetic waves!

When holding my smartphone with the sticker, it is filled with the power of the O-ring. I purchased it, knowing that I need it since this sticker would protect my body from electromagnetic waves when placing it on my smartphone. I heard that it was good to place it on the
body, so next time I'm going to buy a sticker that's slightly larger.

yPurchase goodsz2cm square sticker (6-sticker set)


Always bring it with me when outdoors!

I always bring it around with me, when I'm outdoors. It's very useful, since I can use it immediately when I'm out for tea or when I'm not feeling well!

yPurchase goodszSticker (Small) / (Mid-size) / (Large) / Sheet set / All-purpose use coaster (Large) / (Mid-size)


Awesome power!! Warmth is also good for poor circulation!!

When placing my hand on top of the sticker, it feels warm and relaxing. My feet were always cold, so I placed them on the soles of my feet for the entire day. They became warm.

yPurchase goodszSticker (Small) / (Mid-size) / (Large) / Sheet set

Happy that I can sleep well!

When placing the goods underneath my pillow before sleeping, I was able to sleep better than usual. My fatigue went away and I woke up well.

yPurchase goodszLuncheon mat / All-purpose A4 sheet

My pet likes it too - keeps it comfy!!

My dog loves the luncheon mat and always relaxes on it It naturally goes on top of it and I feel as though my dog is more active than usual. I also use goods for my dog's water and food.

yPurchase goodszLuncheon mat / All-purpose A4 sheet / All-purpose use coaster (Large) / (Mid-size)


Pet food no longer smelly!

By placing the luncheon mat underneath pet food, that peculiar smell found in animal food disappeared!! Pet owners should definitely try this!!

yPurchase goodszLuncheon mat


Good for back pains and torn muscles!!

I place an iron print on gauze and wrap it around my waist. The area with the gauze wrapped around it became warm and nice and the pain lessened.

There was also a time when I tore my muscles in my right thigh, which became swollen. I was only able to attach it from the tips of my toes, but when I wrapped the A3 sheet (luncheon mat) around the affected areas, I was able to place my heel on the ground and walk normally within one week. Everything is fine now!

yPurchase goodszIron print / Luncheon mat

Able to sleep better and improves poor circulation!

When placing the luncheon mat underneath my pillow and futon before I sleep, I slept well and felt as though I was able to remove fatigue.

Every year my tips of my toes became
cold due to poor blood circulation, but I
did not have this issue this winter.

yPurchase goodszLuncheon mat


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